ZACT  - Coffee & Tea Whitening Tooth Paste(Arb Vrs) 100gm RIOS
Vendor: ZACT

Zact Coffee & Tea Whitening Tooth Paste 100gm

Subtotal: Rs.383.00


Toothpaste specifically for smokers who have problems with black stains on their teeth and bad breath due to cigarettes or coffee, tea and the like. Because Zact toothpaste is able to have a 60% higher ability to remove scale than regular toothpaste, especially in this case, tobacco scale also breath odor can be covered by the fresh mint aroma that appears.

Zact toothpaste has a special ingredient, namely Micro Alumina, which is effective in reducing brownish yellow stains on teeth from day to day. You only need to wear it while brushing your teeth twice a day. Safe and comfortable, Zact toothpaste is perfect for those of you who have a habit of smoking, drinking tea or coffee. You can appear more confident in front of women or during presentations with your boss, because apart from being effective in removing brown stains, Zact toothpaste also makes your breath fresher without the smell of cigarettes settling in your mouth. The after taste feels very fresh and comfortable in the mouth.

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