Vendor: Vaseline

Vaseline Hijab Day Radiant Face Serum 180ml

Subtotal: Rs.1,550.00


We believe everyone deserves to have healthy skin. That's why we created Vaseline All Day Radiant Cooling Serum, a special skin treatment for women with hijab. Its light, non-sticky formula provides a refreshing cooling sensation without feeling hot on the skin, with an elegant and soft fragrance that lasts long. Make skin brighter, radiant from within.

Vaseline All Day Radiant answers the needs of women with hijab:
  1. Wudhu-friendly formulation, not slippery even when exposed to water
  2. Cold sensation #FreeGerah with a refreshing cool feeling
  3. Protected from UV rays that still penetrate the layers of clothing
  4. Perfume technology that lasts up to 12 hours
  5. The texture of the serum that absorbs quickly and is not sticky
  6. Moisturizing, smoothing, and brightening the skin

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