Vendor: Uriage

Uriage Baby 1st Peri Oral Care Cream 30ml

Subtotal: Rs.2,500.00


Uriage Baby 1st Peri-Oral Care Cream is ideal to calm and soothe irritations around the mouth area. With a unique formula, it not only enhances the regeneration process helping repair the skin but also soothes and protects providing long-lasting comfort. Formulated with Copper and Zinc, it purifies the skin and helps reduce the risk of infection. Combining the nourishing and soothing properties of Aloe Vera and Shea Butter, it not only helps repair but also soothes the skin. And enriched with Edelweiss Extract, TLR 2 Regul, and Uriage Thermal Water, it helps reduce signs of sensitivity minimizing both irritation and redness. All in all, it purifies, repairs, and also soothes the skin around the mouth of babies and children helping restore comfort and elasticity to the skin.

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