Classic Whitening Soap 135g RIOS
Vendor: Skin White

Skin White Classic Whitening Soap 135g

Subtotal: Rs.150.00


Skin White Classic Whitening Bath Soap, the most trusted name in whitening is now better than ever. Introducing the new and improved Skin White Hydrating Whitening Bath Soap. It has the same unique triple-action system, RENEWhite 3C. Enjoy its sweet scent that exudes a vibrant freshness after every use. KEY FEATURES: • it gives you whiter, clearer skin in as early as 2 weeks! • it is enriched with Vitanourish Formula, a blend of Vitamin B5 which smoothens the skin and Vitamin E which protects it from damages caused by free radicals and UV exposure • it leaves your skin nourished • It has additional deep-moisturizing agents that condition and revitalize the skin.

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