Vendor: Sensodyne

Sensodyne Soin Gencives Tooth Paste 75ml

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Whether you are looking to relieve your dental sensitivity or protect your enamel from the effects of acid attacks, we have the Sensodyne toothpaste for you.
Sensodyne offers a complete range of toothpastes and other oral care products specially designed to provide lasting relief for sensitive teeth and remineralise enamel. Sensodyne is the leading brand against dental sensitivity.
The potassium contained in Sensodyne forms a protective barrier that blocks the painful message.
For children aged 3 weeks and above, dental sensitivity decreases significantly.
Protects and relieves gums.
Relieves hot and cold sensitive teeth
Zinc citrate is an anti-bacterial agent that helps fight bacteria, acids and plaque formation causing many gum problems.
Tones gums and keeps them healthy.

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