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Enchanteur Romantic Roll On Deodorant 50ml

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Alluring Roll-On Deodorant 50ml is a light and refreshing way to keep your underarms smelling amazing all day long. This unique formula combines the power of essential oils and botanicals to effectively neutralize odors while still being gentle on your skin. Unlike traditional deodorants that rely on aluminum to block sweat, Alluring uses natural ingredients like magnesium hydroxide and zinc oxide to keep you feeling dry and comfortable. With its long-lasting scent and skin-soothing properties, Alluring is the perfect choice for those who want to feel confident and smell great all day long. Key Features: - Keeps you feeling fresh and smelling great all day long. - Easy to apply. - Light, refreshing fragrance perfect for everyday use. - Long-lasting so you can feel confident you'll smell good no matter what the day throws at you. - Be confident and alluring all day long.


Before applying, make sure your underarms are dry. Apply in circular motions to ensure uniform coverage on both sides. Avoid eye and broken skin contact.

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