Vendor: RIOS

Nivea Gentle Detox Micellar Shampoo 400ml

Subtotal: Rs.2,190.00


Nivea Pure Detox Micellar Mild Shampoo cleanses and repairs all hair types, removing product build-up from styling solutions. The Lime and Green Tea Extracts join forces, hydrating deeply as well as improving the flexibility of hair strands. Thus, a suitable portion of shampoo is enough to nourish sensitive scalps, stabilize pH levels, and recharge deeply. Dermatologically tested, this restores healthiness in a gentle yet effective way. Meanwhile, the brand’s exclusive Micellar Technology catches dirt easily, fully respecting the hair. Finally, this also confers a lasting refreshing finish, improving the hair appearance dramatically!

  • Hair type: all hair types;
  • Main benefits: helps the hair/scalp regain their natural health, improves the malleability of hair strands, stabilizes pH levels, removes product build-up thanks to Micellar Technology, and confers a refreshing finish.


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