Nail Filer RIOS
Vendor: Rivaj

Rivaj Nail Filer

Subtotal: Rs.113.00


Perfect solution for shaping the natural nails and artificial nails with a lighter touch in any direction. In a compact package, Rivaj Nail filer delivers a lot of smoothing power. This travel-friendly file is easy to store and transport. It has a long-lasting, double-sided grit and a sturdy metal surface for shaping natural fingernails and toenails fast and gently.


  • Purse size for easy storage and travel
  • Fine grit for gentle shape
  • Long-lasting metal file

How to Use:

  • Adjust the length and shape of your nails by filing with the course.
  • Then, to make those edges extra smooth, use the sharp side of the Rivaj Filer.

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