Makeup Brush #05 RIOS
Vendor: Rivaj HD

Rivaj HD Makeup Brush #05

Subtotal: Rs.1,845.00


Quality brush for covering your all stubborn imperfections. Note that you can use this brush to cover all of your spots flawlessly. A small, dense buffing concealer brush bristles specially designed to apply a thin layer of concealer and it blends smoothly and gives air-brushed finishing. Hard reach and specific areas of your eyes can be covered with this brush including dark circles spots.


  • Professional & high quality.
  • Super soft bristle 
  • Reusable & gentle 

How to USE:

  • With the edge of the firm bristles, you can put concealer right onto the brush and just stipple on the target area.
  • Seamlessly will blur out all spots.
  • Blends thick coverage product smoothly.

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