Vendor: Loreal

Loreal Series Expert Seriesnsibalance Shampoo 500ml

Subtotal: Rs.5,500.00


L’oreal Sensi Balance shampoo in an amazing shampoo for daily use, with a mild cleansing formula, this shampoo will soothe the scalp and give shine to the hair right after the first use! It has moisturizing and hair softening effect, makes hair shinier, silkier, smoother and softer. Shampoo takes care od the burning and itching of the scalp, removes dandruff and oily shine. Thanks to the innovative formula, this shampoo forms a thin film over each hair strand, which then protects the hair from negative environmental factors. Contains Sorbitol complex (salicylic acid) that is known for its cleansing and powerful antiseptic abilities, normalizes oil secretion in sebaceous glands, makes the pores a lot smaller. Also, among the active ingredients is glycerin, which helps with the dryness and brittleness. It helps restore the structure of the hair, bringing it a new life and generally improving the health of the hair. Please note that the list of ingredients for the products is updated regularly. Always check the up-to-date product ingredients on the product packaging to make sure it suits you.

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