Lash Turner RIOS
Vendor: Rivaj

Rivaj Lash Turner

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Elevate your eye makeup game with our premium Lash Turner. Crafted for precision and comfort, this beauty essential delivers a captivating curl that opens up your eyes and enhances your natural lashes. With its comfortable grip and soft, stable cushions, it ensures a firm hold for a dramatic, long-lasting curl. Say goodbye to flat lashes and hello to beautifully lifted and defined eyes!


  • Comfortable to use
  • Soft, stable cushions
  • Firm grip
  • Dramatic, long-lasting curl

How To Use:

Start with clean, dry lashes, free from mascara or other products.
Open the lash curler and position it close to the base of your upper lashes.
Gently close the curler, taking care not to pinch your eyelid or skin.
Hold for a few seconds, then release.
For a more dramatic curl, repeat the process, moving the curler slightly up the lashes.
Finish with your favorite mascara for added impact.



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