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Kotex Maxi Super Softness Pads 16'S

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Soft and absorbent protection for all-round comfort day or night.

Kotex® maxi super 16 offers unbeatable absorbency for peace of mind and a unique quilted cover for a new level of comfort. Suitable for use day or night, these extra soft pads are suitable for those who experience heavy flow during their period of those living with incontinence (difficulty controlling your bladder or bowels). These longer and thicker pads have a cotton-feel that will leave you with maximum protection.

You'll never have to worry again with the Kotex® maxi super 16 pads which offer both comfort and protection by drawing moisture away from the body without any unwanted leaking. These pads can handle a heavy flow and give you protection when you need it the most, whether you're out and about or in need of a good night's sleep.

Features of Kotex® maxi super 16

  • Unbeatable protection
  • Sumptuous softness
  • Extra cushioning for comfort
  • Ideal for overnight use or post-natal use
  • Helps to give you peace of mind"

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