Flormar Hero Volume & Curl Mascara

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Flormar Hero Volume & Curl Mascara 10ml focuses on adding luxurious volume and an enigmatic curve to your eyelashes for a beautiful and striking finish. With an ultra-efficient performance, this mascara promises to become your new secret super-power. In fact, its unique formula is able to provide a fuller look by grasping your lashes from root to tip. Moreover, the Hero Volume & Curl Mascara comes with a specially designed hourglass-shaped brush that lifts and volumizes your lashes. Its super soft fiber provides, even more, effortless and comfortable application, each time. All of these benefits without any added weight or lumps! To conclude, the Hero Volume & Curl Mascara is suitable for every type of lash. No matter if you have thick, thin or short eyes lashes, the result will undoubtedly always be the same - breath-taking volume and a magnificent curl. With a long-lasting composition that does not contain parabens, perfume or silicone, the Hero Volume & Curl Mascara is a must-add to your makeup bag.


  • Color family: black
  • Good for: volume and curve;
  • Longevity: long-lasting;
  • Presentation: black and pink tube with a specially shaped hourglass brush made with super soft fibers
  • Formulated without: parabens, perfume or silicone.

How to Use:

Flormar Hero Volume & Curl Mascara 10ml as the last step of your eye makeup routine. Apply it starting on the bottom and swiping until the tip of the lashes with zig-zag movements. Reapply until you achieve the desired effect.

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