Vendor: Havoc

Havoc Gold Men Body Spray 200ml

Subtotal: Rs.900.00


Havoc gold Body Spray 200Ml

• Unisex body spray with long-lasting, convenient 200ml size for easy use and portability.
• Captivating gold scent provides all-day freshness and a touch of luxury.
• Ideal for individuals who value a versatile, enduring fragrance that suits any occasion.

Introducing the luxurious Havoc Gold Body Spray 200ml, a captivating unisex fragrance perfect for those who appreciate a long-lasting, refreshing scent suitable for any occasion. With its invigorating aroma, this body spray is a must-have for making a statement, whether for a special event or everyday wear. The Havoc Gold Body Spray is the ideal choice for leaving a lasting impression, exuding luxury and sophistication. This fragrance is designed to cater to individuals seeking a scent that stands out and endures.

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