Vendor: Gillette

Gillette Arctic Ice Odor Elimination Deodorant Stick 70ml

Subtotal: Rs.1,300.00


Gillette Arctic Ice Antiperspirant Clear Gel’s sweat and exercise-activated technology guarantees both 48 hours of intense protection and a fresh scent. With responsive odor-eliminating technology and 3X protection to keep you fresh: active odor inhibitors, an effective dry ‘shield’, and all-day fragrance technology for all-day protection. Arctic Ice is a cool, decisive and clean fragrance with light and cool variants that provide long-lasting odor protection and a clean, fresh feel. Its clear gel consistency antiperspirant stick dries instantly and keeps skin dry.

  • Antiperspirant clear gel
  • Definite and clean scent
  • Clear gel formula
  • Activated by perspiration and exercise

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