Vendor: Garnier

Garnier Ultimate Blends Oat Shampoo 400ml

Subtotal: Rs.1,595.00


  • Garnier Ultimate Blends Delicate Oat Shampoo nourishes fragile hair and soothes sensitive scalp.
  • Indeed, this creamy, vegan shampoo offers a moisture boost and calms the sensation of a sensitive scalp while reducing the feeling of itchiness thanks to its formula.
  • In fact, it’s enriched with natural ingredients extracts, such as rice cream and oat milk.
  • If on one hand, the rice cream is rich in vitamin E and vitamin B complexes, on the other hand, oat milk is rich in vitamin B1, calcium and iron.
  • In fact, rice cream leaves hair smoother and makes it stronger and, at the same time, detangles strands.

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