Flormar Micro Filler Eye Brow Pen 1.1ml

Color: 3 Brown
Subtotal: Rs.1,952.00


  • Flormar Brow Micro Filler Pen 04 Deep Brown 1.1ml is a special pen to give an amazing look to your brows.
  • This product not only has an incredible formula but also a distinctive applicator, thus ensuring a flawless result.
  • To begin with, this product delivers intense pigmentation and, consequently, an extraordinary result with a single swipe! In other words, it instantly fills in the brows.
  • Secondly, the pen has a felt tip with a comb-like brush that mimics the natural hair of the brows.
  • As such, applying it is as easy as it gets. Just swipe it on the sparse areas of the eyebrows like you are combing them.
  • Thanks to its lightweight texture, it ensures a natural result. With a few more strokes, you can increase the intensity and get a striking result. In reality, this pen gives a micro-blading effect!
  • Furthermore, the formula delivers long-lasting results without budging throughout the day for a flawless look that lasts you while you go ahead with your busy life.
  • In conclusion, this pen allows you to fill the brows in a professional yet practical way. It surely is a must-have in your routine for perfectly voluminous brows!

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