Flormar Water Stain Lip Gloss 6.4ml

Color: 1 Infinite Pink
Subtotal: Rs.2,053.00


  • Flormar Water Lip Stain, which can be applied to both lips and cheeks, nourishes the lips while coloring them for hours with its nourishing content formulated with fruit extracts and vibrant colors.
  • With 88% water content and a slightly watery gel structure, Water Lip Stain gives your lips a long-lasting color.
  • Apply to the lips as desired. For a perfect and long-lasting effect, after applying the product to the lips, wait for it to dry and fix for 1 minute without connecting the lips. You can also apply the product on your cheeks.
  • Gently rub the product on your cheeks and distribute it.
  • Reapply for a more intense look. Thanks to its transfer-proof feature, it does not get on your clothes. Colors stay alive until you remove them!
  • It contains fruit extracts and nutritious ingredients with its special formula.

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