Snow White Spray Mist Cologne 125ml RIOS
Vendor: Eskulin

Eskulin Snow White Spray Mist Cologne 125ml

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Eskulin Kids Mist Cologne specially formulated for kids, the fresh fragrance makes you feel confident all day. Spray onto desired part of your body, avoid face and eyes area.Eskulin Splash Cologne is a cologne with a long-lasting fragrance of perfume that comes in a variety of fragrances in the form of funny packaging illustrated with your favorite characters. One of them, Eskulin Splash Cologne Snow White. Inspired by a princess named Snow White, the bottle pack also has a picture of Snow White. The Cologne Snow White Eskulin Splash is deliberately designed for brave and active teenagers like Princess Snow White. The composition of making Eskulin Splash Cologne Snow White is safe and non-irritating to the skin. You just pour little by little Eskuline Splash Cologne Snow White into your body and feel the soothing sensation of fragrance and make you more energized throughout the day because this cologne has a long-lasting fragrance of perfume.

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