Enticing Lotion 100ml RIOS
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Enchanteur Enticing Lotion 100ml

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Looking for an unforgettable way to add excitement to your next encounter? Enticing Lotion 100ml is sure to do the trick! This sensual lotion enhances your natural pheromones, making you irresistible to your partner. Just a few drops are all you need to get the party started. Enticing Lotion 100ml is also great for massages and foreplay. The lotion is non-sticky and quickly absorbed, leaving your skin feeling soft and silky. So go ahead and indulge your senses with Enticing Lotion 100ml! You and your partner won't be disappointed. Key Features: - Turn up the heat on your next encounter. - Be irresistible to your partner. - Give amazing massages and foreplay. - Indulge your senses! - Experience unforgettable excitement.


After showering, use the body lotion, as your skin is most thirsty at that time. The greatest way to absorb lotion is with moist skin. Apply a tiny coin-sized amount of lotion to your palm and begin massaging from the bottom up. To ensure nothing is left uncovered, apply lotion evenly to each part of your body.

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