Gorgeous Perfumed Deo Body Spray For Women 150ml RIOS
Vendor: Enchanteur

Enchanteur Women Gorgeous Perfumed Body Spray 150ml

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Looking for a gorgeous, perfumed body spray that will make you feel feminine and confident? Look no further than Gorgeous Perfumed Deo Body Spray For Women 150ml. This luxurious body spray is perfect for making you feel glamourous and smelling great at the same time. The tantalizing blend of floral and woodsy scents is sure to please, while the light, airy mist leaves your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. Key Features: - Keeps you smelling great all day long. - Hydrates and refreshes your skin. - Makes you feel feminine and confident. - Captures the essence of luxury and glamour.


For external use only. Keep the bottle at least 5-7 inches away from your chest/body and sprinkle perfume on your "pulse points and dab it". Eyes should be avoided when using this product. Keep away from naked flames and direct heat sources. To sensitive skin, avoid applying. If irritation occurs, decrease the usage or stop using it entirely..

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