Double Eyebrow Pencil RIOS
Vendor: Rivaj

Rivaj Double Eyebrow Pencil

Subtotal: Rs.105.00


This brush softly fills, defines, shapes, and builds for subtle to bold color. The pencil precisely shapes and fills brows with tiny hair-like strokes. The formula features a creamy vitamin E blend, enabling effortless creation of soft, hair-like strokes for easy building and blending.
The result? A micro-blade-worthy effect that leaves you with stunning brows!


  • Hair-Like Strokes
  • Vitamin E Blend
  • Extremely Long Lasting

How To Use:

  • Brush brow hairs up and over
  • Use pencils pointed end to mimic natural hair with short strokes along brow line
  • Comb through the brows to groom the look
  • The most important step: Admire your new arches!

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