Vendor: Disaar

Disaar SPF50 Vitamin C Sunblock 50g

Subtotal: Rs.340.00


  • Contains a sun protection factor, the software in the skin surface protective film, can prevent isolation , filtering, reflection, scattering sunlight UVA,UVB and atmospheric dust.
  • From sun to prevent sunburn and premature aging of the skin produces. Give skin full of nutrients, and can moisturizing skin whitening,can enhance sun protection to prevent sunburn and prevent spots generation.
  • Effective protection of the surface skin moisturizing factor not dried muscle , thereby preventing the skin peeling.
  • Support facial shine , while products are waterproof , anti- sweat role in the outdoor play in the water is not afraid to fall off. UVA,UVB effect on the skin : sunburn, skin laxity, dull skin,loss of elasticity , dry aging , sun redness, tanning , sun peeling sunburn.Apply skin : all skin types and can be applied slightly sensitive skin.

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