Ac-Anti Acne Serum 2ml (Pack of 7) RIOS
Vendor: Dermacos

Dermacos AC - Anti Acne Serum 2ml (Pack of 7)

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A global treatment for oily and acne porn skin, all new invention AC (All Clear) anti acne serum fights break-out by reducing hyperseborrhoea, hyperkeratosis, inflammation and bacterial proliferation. Oleanolic acid inhabits 5-α reductase to fight hyperseborrhoea. NDGA is a cell growth regulator that inhabits hyperkeratosis and inflammation. The osmotic fluid helps to control bacterial growth. Daily applications for 4 weeks produce visible decrease of acne pimples colonization on peri-nasal and cheek zones. Results pityrosporum ovale inactivation 100% and also bacterial inactivation 100%.

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