Vendor: Derma Shine

Derma Shine Active Bright Face Wash 200ml

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Massaging our Derma Shine face wash  helps building blood circulation on the skin. It works in the manufacture of collagen and keeps the skin firm, tight and fresh. Using pomegranate extracts is probably the best SKIN CARE technique one can use. Our face wash corrects the balance of the skin, it improves skins metabolism, helps in absorption of active ingredients, and hydrates and detoxifies skin giving a glowing effect. Our pomegranate face wash  is the best fruit facial product available.

pomegranate extract face wash  with fruity benefits makes your skin glow bright and radiant. The naturally occurring Alpha Hydroxy Acids acting as powerful antioxidants, revitalize the skin by dissolving the dead cells from the skin’s surface whilst retaining skin moisture, giving the luminous glow everyone wishes for.

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