Vendor: Denim

Denim Men 1976 Body Spray 150ml

Subtotal: Rs.723.00


Step back into a time of classic cool with the Denim 1976 Deodorant Body Spray for Men, a vintage-inspired scent updated for today’s man, brought to you by Catch n Pack Pakistan. This 150ml vessel of nostalgia captures the timeless essence of masculinity with a contemporary edge.

A Tribute to Timeless Elegance: Denim 1976 is an olfactory homage to an era when charm and courtesy were en vogue. With each spritz, it evokes the heritage of a man’s world where sophistication and durability go hand in hand.

Retro Scent for the Modern Man: The fragrance intertwines the classic freshness of citrus and the boldness of spice, leading to a warm, musky base that anchors the scent with a distinctly masculine finish. It’s the perfect blend for the gentleman who appreciates the past but lives fiercely in the present.

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