Vendor: Cnaire

Cnaier 7 In 1 Beauty Facial Cleanser - AE8288

Subtotal: Rs.2,465.00


Cnaier 7 In 1 Beauty Facial Cleaner, AE807 uses oscillating vibrations to apply makeup easily and quickly. Thick, soft cushion rod creates 9,500 beats per minute to apply the foundation on the skin evenly, smooth and normal. The result is a long-term, effects flawlessly. Facial at homealso softens the skin massage tense and tired vibrating at the same time. Puff-tech smooth and healthy, and home facialcan easily be replaced or washed.

  • Deep cushions foamy clean
  • Removes dirt deeply and oil and makeup
  • Softer skin after one use
  • Wash beauty, massage devices, one with a double massage and cleaning, can remove blackheads the skin

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