Vendor: Chiltan Pure

Chiltan Pure Red Onion Shampoo 250ml

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  • ChiltanPure Onion Shampoo contains sulfur which has potent antibacterial properties and helps fight scalp infections. As scalp infections can result in significant hair loss, this, in turn, aids in reducing hair loss.
  • Split ends can be eliminated with the aid of this onion shampoo. Massage the shampoo into the scalp to promote blood circulation and hair follicle growth. Regular shampoo is advised to help with dry hair and an itchy scalp.
  • In turn, collagen promotes the growth of healthy skin cells and hair. Onion shampoo may also improve circulation, according to some theories. The blood supply to hair follicles may be increased by using onion shampoo on the hair and scalp, enhancing hair growth.
  • While ensuring that the follicles are healthy and well-nourished, ChiltanPure Onion Shampoo improves blood circulation to the scalp and helps remove toxins. Onion Shampoo is essential for reawakening these dormant hair follicles capable of growing healthy, strong hair. Strands are also very good at preventing damage.
  • ChiltanPure Onion Shampoo aids in reviving the hair and scalp of people with weak hair and a tired scalp. Our onion shampoo promotes root nourishment and moisturizes the scalp. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help to lessen dandruff, scalp eruptions, excessive dryness, and hair loss. All age groups experience hair fall, which can be very frustrating. You are no longer required to experience hair loss!
  • The powerful antioxidant flavonoid and other necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients found in onion shampoo help slow down the accelerated aging of hair. Regular Use of this oil improves the pH and texture of hair, delaying the onset of premature greying.

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