Vendor: Chiltan Pure

Chiltan Pure Glow Facial Scrub 100ml

Subtotal: Rs.850.00


  • Glow Facial Scrub formula's soothing properties help repair the skin without causing moisture loss.
  • ChiltanPure glow facial scrub's beads can gently unclog obstructed pores and sweep away dead skin cells from the skin's surface.
  • Glutathione-infused glow facial scrub reduces the impact of UV rays, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, an uneven skin tone, and blemishes.
  • This glow facial scrub may boost the growth of new, healthier skin cells, leaving your skin a radiant, less-damaged look.
  • Regular usage of this glow scrub is vital to fight blemishes and dark spots. It wipes the face of dirt, which lessens facial scars and helps achieve attractive skin.
  • Its plant-derived ingredients cleanse clogged pores, minimize dullness, and smooth out the skin texture.

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