Vendor: Chiltan Pure

Chiltan Pure Coconut Shampoo 260ml

Subtotal: Rs.990.00


ChiltanPure Coconut Shampoo offers a luxurious and conditioning feel to the hair. Our rich and creamy formula delicately cleanses, effectively removing buildup without compromising your hair's natural moisture balance. This shampoo is crafted to keep your scalp hydrated, preventing dryness. It gives hair a soft, healthy shine after gently cleansing and rehydrating it. You will adore our coconut shampoo if your hair is frizzy and dry!

Coconut Oil infused formula also provides a protective coating for your hair roots, shielding them from potential damage. Free from harsh detergents, our sulfate-free formula combines the nourishing properties of pure coconut oil. This infusion of natural moisturizers and essential nutrients aids in repairing hair damage, leaving your hair not just clean but also incredibly shiny and healthy.

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