Flormar Baked Eye Shadow 3g

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Whether it's naturallooking or more emphatic… It's up to you to create different effects in eye makeup with a single product! lormar Baked Eyeshadow,which offers two different ways of use as wet and dry,promises you freedom in the touches you will make to your gaze. It allows you to achieve a striking and assertive night look with wet application,or to create a sparkling midday makeup with dry use. Flormar Baked Eyeshadow offers the advantage of fast and practical application thanks to its intense coloring structure. Its velvety texture quickly integrates with the skin,providing a smooth result. Moreover,thanks to its high permanence level,it creates a permanent eye makeup look all day long. This baked eyeshadow is ready to go into your basket to grab attention with your glamorous looks! What is Flormar Baked Eyeshadow? Flormar Baked Eyeshadow is an intensely pigmented single eyeshadow variant. It has velvety texture. It can be applied in two different ways with wet and dry applicators without losing its structure. It does not cause dust due to its production by baking. It is ultrafine textured. Instantly fixes on the eyelid. It has a long lasting effect. What Does Flormar Baked Eyeshadow Do? Flormar Baked Eyeshadow adds a dazzling touch to eye makeups with its sparkling finish. Thanks to its highly pigmented formula,it enables the dreamed color tone to be reached quickly. In wet use,it offers a satin finish and a light metallic look,making it an ideal alternative for night makeups. In dry use,it creates a privileged eye makeup appearance,especially by taking part in shading and regional coloring. Flormar Baked Eyeshadow,thanks to its velvety soft texture,immediately clings to the skin tissue and minimizes the risk of spillage. Thus,it offers high permanence,and also eliminates the need for makeup renewal during the day. It creates a lively and remarkable eye makeup look all day long.

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