Tasneem Air Freshener 330ml RIOS
Vendor: Bait Al Bakhoor

Bait Al Bakhoor Tasneem Air Freshener 330ml

Subtotal: Rs.3,950.00


  • The greatest approach to give your home a natural scent! You may now enjoy luxury without having to worry about the smell overwhelming.
  • The air freshener, which includes uplifting essential oils, will leave every corner smelling wonderful, particularly when used before visitors arrive or for special events.

Key Features: -

  • Freshens the air in your home
  • Contains essential oils for a refreshing scent 
  • Makes your home feel refreshed and energized


  • Simply shake the bottle and spray it in the desired area in a sweeping motion.
  • For best results point toward an area of focus such as the center of the room and spray to enjoy the refreshing scent.
  • This product is not recommended for use on fabrics. Do not swallow, and do not put it in your eyes.

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