Alwaan Green Air Freshener 300ml RIOS
Vendor: Bait Al Bakhoor

Bait Al Bakhoor Alwaan Green Air Freshener 300ml

Subtotal: Rs.553.00


The refreshing scent of this air freshener not only eliminates unpleasant scents, but it also leaves a pleasant aroma in its wake. It may be utilized in any area of your home, making it an ideal way to keep your house smelling fresh and clean. This air fresheners long-lasting fragrance will leave you confident that no foul smells Key Features: - Eliminates bad odors - Leaves a refreshing scent behind - Can be used in any room in your home - Keep your home smelling clean and fresh - Feel confident that your home is free of unwanted smells


Simply shake the bottle and spray it in the desired area in a sweeping motion. For best results point toward an area of focus such as the center of the room and spray to enjoy the refreshing scent. This product is not recommended for use on fabrics. Do not swallow, and do not put it in your eyes.

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