Vendor: Aichun Beauty

Aichun Beauty Breast Enhancement Cream 100ml - AC31927

Subtotal: Rs.319.00


  • The unique active ingredients can provide your breast with multiple nutrients, achieve a secondary natural & healthy development, enhance, firm and lift your breasts, making them full, perky, elastic and more attractive.
  • Usage: 
  • Apply chest cream and massage for 5 minutes twice a day, morning and evening.  Usually taking peanut size cream amount is the best.
  • Spread the cream all around the breasts, but avoid contact with the nipples. 
  •  Bend your body slightly, cover the base of your chest with both hands and push 10 times each. 
  • Push the armpit sinuses to cleave 10 times each. 
  • Pull the ligament of the chest several times with the middle finger and the ring finger.

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