Essential Winter Skincare Routine by RIOS
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Essential Winter Skincare Routine by RIOS

20 Dec 2021

Winters are here that means a change in fashion and our wardrobe. Alongside clothes, an upgraded skincare routine is also important because our skin demands extra care and love this season. The weather changes make our skin dry and flaky and bring along dry, chapped lips as well. Therefore the skin needs nourishment so that it can retain the moisture better.

Following a good skincare routine alongside a night time moisturizing technique with products infused with Cocoa butter and coconut oils and other essentials can be beneficial in achieving nourished and hydrated skin during winters. One can use lip balm infused with moisturizing oils to protect and nourish chapped lips for cracked lips.

Essential Winter Skincare

Achieve a good skincare routine by following the tips mentioned below.

Moisturize at Bedtime

 Vaseline Dry Skin Repair Intensive Care Lotion Moisturizers and the winter skincare regime go hand in hand. Moisturizing skin at night is as necessary as applying moisturizer after a shower to wake up healthy and rejuvenated skin. When looking for a moisturizer, choose a moisturizer with cocoa butter, oats extracts and oils. Vaseline Dry Skin Repair Intensive Care Lotion is perfect for sensitive and extra dry skin.


Protect your lips

Change in weather and chilly winds can leave your lips dry, chapped and flaky and hiding them under masks every day can do more damage than we can think. Using a good lip balm regularly can help you achieve soft and supple lips. Rivaj UK Cherry Lip Balm is infused with pure cherry extract and gives you a magical feeling of moisture.

 Rivaj UK Cherry Lip Balm


Keep yourself hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated is the key to fresh and glowy skin. Drinking 8to 12 glasses of water every day will help nourish and hydrate your skin.  Keep yourself hydrated



Add Seasonal Fruits to Your Diet

Veggies and fruits found during the season taste good and have ingredients that help nourish skin in winters. Ingredients like Vitamin A, C and E help achieve moisturized and healthy skin.

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