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Spa In A Bottle Rose Water 100ml

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Experience the luxury of SPA IN A BOTTLE Pure Rose Water, delicately presented in a 100 mL bottle. This exquisite rose water is a true elixir, crafted to rejuvenate, tone, and refresh your skin. Distilled from the finest roses, it offers a sensorial journey that revitalizes your senses and enhances your skincare ritual.

Key Features:

1. Premium Rose Distillation: Our rose water is distilled from the purest roses, ensuring a premium product that captures the essence of this timeless flower. Revel in the authentic and captivating aroma with each use.

2. Revitalizing Tonic: Infuse your skincare routine with this revitalizing tonic that tones and balances your skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and hydrated. It serves as a perfect base for serums and moisturizers.

3. Natural Hydration: The natural hydrating properties of rose water help maintain your skin's moisture balance, promoting a dewy and supple complexion that radiates with a healthy glow.

4. Versatile Elegance: Beyond skincare, this rose water can be used as a fragrant mist for hair, a refreshing body spray, or even as a gentle linen spray. Embrace the versatility and elegance it brings to your daily life.

5. Compact 100 mL Size: The compact size of the bottle makes it ideal for on-the-go pampering, ensuring you can enjoy the benefits of pure rose water anytime, anywhere.


Spritz SPA IN A BOTTLE Pure Rose Water onto cleansed face, neck, or hair. Use it as a toner, a refreshing mist throughout the day, or as part of your skincare routine. For external use only.

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