Vendor: Old Spice

Old Spice Old Spice Captain Deo Spray 150ml

Subtotal: Rs.1,380.00


  • Old Spice Captain Deodorant Body Spray provides long-lasting protection against unpleasant odors as well as excess perspiration.
  • In fact, this inclusive formula suits your body as well as your armpits, conferring the ultimate refreshing scent.
  • Thus, with a few sprays, you're able to come across as extra friendly and sociable. Besides, people are likely to feel drawn to you, overwhelmed by how good you smell.
  • Furthermore, thanks to the innovative fade-resistant scent technology, this formula lasts all day long, without ever lowering its intensity and effectiveness.
  • All in all, no one will be indifferent, making this aluminum-free body spray likely to place you center stage under any circumstances.
  • Finally, this deodorant also prevents white as well as yellow stains from appearing, creating a powerful force-field against them!

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