Vendor: Nivea

Nivea Classic Cream 75ml

Subtotal: Rs.950.00


  • Nivea Cream is a classic moisturizing cream ideal for the entire family.
  • Besides its iconic round-shaped packaging, this offers an impressive degree of protective care, looking after all skin types.
  • For optimal results, use it on a daily basis and allow it to enhance the natural defensive barrier against external threats.
  • In fact, by soothing deeply, this skin-pampering formula fights free radicals, supporting your familys well-being under any circumstances.
  • As the key component, Eucrite is a proprietary compound and was even considered a skincare breakthrough.
  • In fact, it is regarded as the first stable water-in-oil emulsion proven to preserve the skins moisture naturally, effectively, and for longer.
  • Finally, by joining forces with Glycerin, Panthenol, or Citric Acid, it makes skin tissues soft and supple, answering your needs in spades!

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