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Kodomo Lion Strawberry 0.5+ Yrs Cream Tooth Paste 65g

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As milk teeth start growing, they need special care and protection. Kodomo Professional Children’s Toothpaste is made of proper amount of Fluoride, Xylitol (sugar-Free) and kid’s favorite taste. It is the all-in-one protection toothpaste building strong teeth, healthy gums, and fresh breath for your lovely child. 

Get strong teeth and beautiful smile with Kodomo Cream Toothpaste for your kids. The active fluoride formula helps prevent childrens teeth from cavity. Get your kids enjoyable with brushing teeth with sugar-free and various fruit flavors: Strawberry, Orange, and Grape. Use with Kodomo Toothbrush is highly recommended for best healthy oral health. It is suggested from dentists that children should use toothpaste developed specifically for them.

Kodomo Strawberry Flavor Childrens Toothpaste is specially formulated for kids. With 5-percent Xylitol + Active Fluoride, it offers effective prevention of cavities and fights tooth decay, helps prevent the growth of plaque, and can further strengthen teeth. This toothpaste is sugar-free yet has a fun and fruity flavor that kids love.

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