Bubble Fruit Flavor Gel Tooth Paste 40gm RIOS
Vendor: Kodomo

Kodomo Bubble Fruit Flavor Gel Tooth Paste 40gm

Subtotal: Rs.225.00


  • As milk teeth start growing, they need special care and protection.
  • Kodomo Professional Children’s Toothpaste is made of proper amount of Fluoride, Xylitol (sugar-Free) and kid’s favorite taste. It is the all-in-one protection toothpaste building strong teeth, healthy gums, and fresh breath for your lovely child.
  • Get strong teeth and beautiful smile with Kodomo gel Toothpaste for your kids.
  • Kodomo Toothpaste for children with Active Fluoride Formula that’s important to children.
  • It helps protect children’s teeth and sugar free with fruit scent and many flavors that kids like. Dentist recommended that children should use toothpaste made for children.

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