Vendor: Gillette

Gillette Anti Perspirant Gel Cool Wave Deodorant Stick 70ml

Subtotal: Rs.945.00


Odor neutralizing instead of fading: with its light and cool shades, Gillette offers intense and long-lasting odor protection, as well as a clean and fresh feel. Gillette Cool Wave is an anti-perspirant clear gel stick that dries instantly and keeps skin dry. Provides responsive odor protection that activates in response to perspiration and active movement, leaving skin with an extra layer of freshness. Its 3X protection system is based on advanced odor-eliminating technology and neutralizes body odors. Cool Wave offers a clean and refreshing fragrance.

  • Anti-perspirant clear gel
  • Clean and refreshing fragrance
  • Clear gel formula
  • Activated by perspiration and exercise
  • 48 hours of intensive protection

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