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Enchanteur Enticing Perfumed Body Lotion 500ml

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Looking for an Enticing Perfumed Body Lotion that will make you feel irresistible? Look no further than our tantalizing range of scented lotions. Whether you're looking for a floral, musky or fruity fragrance, we've got a scent to suit your every mood. Our light and airy lotions are perfect for spritzing on before a night out, or simply whenever you want to feel sexy and confident. And with our long-lasting formulas, you can be sure that your scent will stay with you all day and night. Key Features: - Keeps skin hydrated and soft - Light, pleasant fragrance - Quickly absorbed by skin - Makes you feel pampered and luxurious


Apply a little bit of lotion to your skin. Massage the lotion in until it is completely absorbed. If you enjoy the scent of your body lotion, you'll like it even more! Repeat as needed or as desired

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