Elixir Razor - Men (Pack of 3) RIOS
Vendor: Rivaj

Rivaj Elixir Razor - Men (Pack of 3)

Subtotal: Rs.455.00


Use the Elixir Razor to combine excellent value with remarkably effortless shaving performance. Each of the razors in this kit has six durable blades, so you can always get an incredibly close, smooth shave. Six incredibly thin stainless steel blades move and bend with you with each stroke making these shaving razors the best option for a nick-free grooming experience.


  • Textured handle and pivoting head
  • Lubricating strip
  • Contains 5 disposable razors

How To Use:

  • Wet your skin. Next, apply a shaving cream or gel.
  • Shave in the direction that which the hair grows.
  • Rinse after each swipe of the razor.

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