Vendor: Dr.James

Dr.James Milk Whitening Cream 125g

Subtotal: Rs.765.00


  • Extracted From The Top  Layer of the Cows Milk. Help To Nourish your Skin to Look Radiant.
  • Contains 100% cows milk to nourish and smooth the skin.
  • Skin Looks Younger Naturally.
  • GREE IS Bringing the best part of cows milk Which Is 5 times more valuable than normal milk is popular part use for cooking.
  • This Whitening cream Contains naturally organic herbal Extracts With special protein and Triglycerides that are easily absorbed buy the skin resulting in a natural moisturising Effect.
  • Bright White Skin
  • Smooth – Tight -Fitting
  • Extra Whitening Lotion
How TO Use:
   Apply the Cream into The Body as Required.
  For Good Result Should be Applied Daily Morning And Evening Time

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