Vendor: Chiltan Pure

Chiltan Pure Whitening Body Fluid Primer 50ml

Subtotal: Rs.990.00


  • Hydrated skin promotes radiant complexity by being less prone to flakes and dullness. The moisturizing agents in the whitening body fluid restore and preserve the moisture in the skin, making it more resilient, supple, and soft—all of which enhance the overall health of the skin.
  • The active ingredients in our whitening body fluid, like niacinamide, alpha-arbutin, or Kojic acid, work to inhibit melanin production, which leads to less hyperpigmentation and the formation of dark spots.
  • This natural body fluid's whitening components promote an even distribution of melanin, which helps to create a more even skin tone. Our body-whitening fluid lightens discoloration and gives the skin a smoother look.
  • Glow Booster Whitening Body Fluid may help diminish the visibility of blemishes, scars, and various other skin imperfections, contributing to a more velvety, smooth, and even skin texture

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