Vendor: Blesso

Blesso Bleach Cream 40g

Subtotal: Rs.100.00


Blesso cream bleach is very gentle, yet so effective that excess dark hair along your lip line, chin arms, and legs are gradually lightened to the natural skin tone.

Directions For Use:

1- Gently wash the face and other areas to be bleached with soap and cool water and dry thoroughly.

2- Prepare mixture, (using 4 parts cream and 1 part Accelerator powder). First, measure 4 full spatulas of Blesso Cream Bleach and put it into the mixing cup. Clean the spatula and measure one full spatula of Blesso Accelerator powder and pour it into a mixing cup. Blend cream and powder.

3- Now apply the mixture with a spatula. Make sure all hair is completely covered. Avoid rubbing the cream into the skin.

4- Now wait for 15 minutes and remove the cream with the help of the spatula.

5- Wash your face with cold water.

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