Sulfate Free & Gluten-Free Oil 100ml New RIOS
Vendor: Argan oil

Argan OIl Sulfate Free & Gluten-Free Oil 100ml

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  • Designed for dry and damaged hair. This product provides intense nourishment while leaving hair tangle-free and frizz-free .
  • Hair ha: a long lasting smoothness, is manageable and has a brilliant shine.Argan Oil helps to moisturize hair and improve the elasticity. 
  • It provides natural UV protection. It is formulated with a rich supply of collagen which provides moisture. This product reduces blow drying time by 40-50%.
  • It contains an extract of Argan Oil and Fibroin to repair and replenish nutrients. This leaves hair strong and with a natural appearance.

How to Use:

  • Apply a small amount to damp or dry hair. Comb through for even distribution. Can also be added as an enhancement to other conditioning and finishing products. 
  • It can also be mixed into hair color, other chemical service preparations and finishing products for improved absorption and effectiveness. 
  • This will produce more vivid and long lasting results. To enhance your color service apply Argan Oil to the hair prior to the color application. 
  • This will equalize the hair's porosity and will improve responsiveness and absorption of the preparation. 
  • You can also add Argan Oil to the color mixture prior to the application for more intense results. Mix thoroughly and apply color as usual.

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