Vendor: Nuspa

Nuspa Sulfate Free & Gluten-Free Oil 100ml Old

Subtotal: Rs.1,800.00


  • Nuspa Argan Oil uses a unique formula, to allow argan oil to be absorbed immediately throughout the hair strand to produce a silky effect and a luminous shine for all hair types.
  • Residue-free formula, ideal for mixing in cocktails with other products.
  • Argan oil is a conditioner, a healer, a hair protector.
  • Reduces drying time and reduces styling time, strengthens, detangles and increases hair manageability.
  • Seal the cuticle. 
  • With multiple applications, hair continues to improve the elimination of split ends and breaks.

INSTRUCTIONS: After shampooing with argan oil use a small amount of Nuspa argan oil comb and distribute on the hair. It can be used after washing hair, after styling, ideal for all hair types, for maximum shine, definition and luxurious movement, lightweight formula without weight. Blended in your color formula or other chemical service preparations to improve absorption and effectiveness and equalize porosity in hair.

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