Vendor: Aichun Beauty

Aichun Beauty Breast Cream 150ml

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Natural Effective Breast Enlargement Cream Big Bust Enlarging Full CreamProduct DescriptionThe special component synergistically active elastic factor has good permeability and can quickly penetrate the breast tissue and be absorbed. Provide a variety of nutrients for the chest. The lifting factor effectively prevents sagging of the chest. Improve and enhance the sagging chest. At the same time tighten the chest. Make the breasts firm and elastic. Moisturizing factor and VC/VE ingredients effectively moisturize the skin while diluting and decomposing melanin, rejuvenating the skin of the breasts. Ingredients:The product ingredients are plant-free hormones and harmless chemical components. It can be used with confidence. How to use:Take a proper amount of this product in the morning and evening, apply it evenly until absorbed. Gently massage (circular motion) around the breast for 10-15 minutes(pregnancy, lactation, menstrual period can not be used)

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