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Glamour, Glitz, and Glow: Welcome Winter with Premium Makeup Products for Every Style

by Roshail Riaz 14 Nov 2023

Each season brings a fresh fashion outlook and the onset of winter brings in its unique style trends. The same applies to makeup, where the winter season demands a different approach. Unlike the summer, the winter makeup routine significantly contrasts due to the chilling temperatures that deplete essential moisture from the skin. While in summer, the concern is managing excess oil, in winter, the focus shifts to combating dryness, which becomes a primary challenge.

Rios is well aware of the drill and with every season, our new products are always there to protect your auspicious asset. The winter is cherishing for many but a nightmare for skin. The good news is you can easily avail of winter-friendly makeup products online at our platform. The question is what points to keep in mind while finding the appropriate makeup kit and this blog post is compiled to guide you in the perfect ways to choose the right products. 

Let's cut to the chase and begin the journey to a flawless makeup finish.

More than Anything, Moisture is Paramount

Skincare has taken the lead since the commencement of the menace of climate change. The pollution gradient is the second highest in the major city of Pakistan - Lahore. We hear the same story every year and each year our graph achieves a higher rank in the air pollution index - not so pleasing! These factors further add importance to the skin care products with the sun protecting BB cream being the most in-demand product. 

Along with the pollution hazard, the cold, dry air can lead to skin dehydration and discomfort, emphasizing the vital role of moisture in your routine. So basically your skin is in grave danger during this season from all angles. 

Keep your Skin Moisturized 24/7

Choose hydrating products such as deeply nourishing moisturizers and revitalizing serums to effectively replenish lost moisture. Ensure your skin's protection by incorporating sunscreen into your daily skincare routine, guarding against the potent and damaging effects of the sun's rays. Use a night cream during the night as it will keep skin hydrated during the night time and you will wake up to a radiant fresh skin.

You should use a CC cream to correct your color tone. These steps not only combat dryness but also provide essential defense, preserving your skin's health and vitality during the challenging winter season.

Makeup Trends During the Bone-Chilling Cold

With skincare taking a paramount importance, makeup regime becomes full of moisture products and lightweight colors. Add on a primer before applying any makeup product. Primer will prepare your skin with enough moisture to thoroughly absorb the foundation. By adopting a dedicated skincare regimen, you can maintain a radiant complexion and protect your skin from the unforgiving elements of the season.

Focus on Decorating Your Beautiful Eyes

The eye shadow palette that usually goes viral during the cold is one having bright shades and dark tones. The eyes become the focus of this trend and as you have all heard of this mighty smokey eyes look - this becomes the talk of the town. Since skin requires to be strictly moisturized and protected, playing with colors on cheeks is no longer a good idea. Therefore girls opt for decorating eyes.

After finalizing the eye decoration, the addition of a liner serves to polish and complete the look. Promote this appearance further by applying mascara, which contributes to achieving a beautifully majestic eye makeup finish. This final touch not only highlights the eyes but also adds depth and definition, providing a striking and polished aspect to the overall makeup attire.

Boldly Lined Lips & Red Beauty Trends during winter

Winter is the perfect time to rock those dark lipstick shades that you purchased for your pal's engagement! When it's chilly outside, darker lip colors like deep berries, rich browns, or bold burgundies can make a statement. They add a touch of warmth to your look and complement those cozy winter outfits. 

Our renowned brand Flormar, aces high in providing perfect shades for the cold. Whether you're going for a casual day out or a special evening, these shades can be your go-to. They add a bit of drama and style, helping you stand out in the cold. Just remember to keep those lips hydrated and smooth to make those dark shades pop even more!

The Rising Fame of Nail Polish

The fame of nail polish rises high during winter owing to the exemption of major makeup products that you freely use during summer - we have discussed all in this blog! Also, the season brings a myriad of wedding ceremonies giving a sharp fame to glitter nail polish that women love to wear for making a statement.

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The Final Makeup Protocol - Compact Powder

The finishing touch to any makeup routine, compact powder holds the key to a flawless, polished look. With its lightweight formula, it sets the foundation, blurs imperfections, and controls shine, ensuring a velvety, matte finish. Perfect for on-the-go touch-ups, it provides a smooth, natural look without caking or heaviness.


Winter isn't just a season; it's an opportunity to explore and redefine your style. With a wide range of premium makeup products, this is the time to infuse glamor and glitz into your everyday routine. From a diverse palette of shades to the right skincare and makeup tools, welcome the winter season with a touch of radiance and sophistication. Let your beauty routine sparkle and captivate with Rios, celebrating the unique charm of winter.

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